Legendary Bodybuilder Actors: Clint Walker

Clint Walker was an iconic American actor and is perhaps best known for his starring role as cowboy Cheyenne Bodie in the Warner Bros. western series “Cheyenne” which ran on ABC from 1955 to 1963.

Born Norman Eugene Walker in Hartford, Illinois, Clint left school at an early age to work on a riverboat before becoming a United States Merchant Marine at the age of 17- during the last months of World War II.

After leaving the service, Clint began his career on screen after working a variety of odd jobs in Brownwood, Texas, Long Beach, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada – where he worked as a doorman at the Sands Hotel.

After appearing in small roles in various films, Clint was hired by Cecil B. DeMille to appear in The Ten Commandments – a casting that caught the attention of Warner Brothers. The famous studio offered him an audition for the lead in a television series set in the Old West that they were developing called, “Cheyenne”. Clint’s striking good looks, imposing physique and easy acting style combined to help him clinch the role of a roaming cowboy hero in the post-American Civil War era.


After “Cheyenne”, Clint moved on to film roles, primarily in Westerns and war movies, including “Fort Dobbs”, “Yellowstone Kelly”  “Send Me No Flowers”, “None But the Brave”, “The Night of The Grizzly”, and “The Dirty Dozen”. He also guest starred in an impressive roster of televisions shows and television movies including “The Jack Benny Program”, “The Lucy Show”, “Yuma”, “Hardcase”,“Killdozer”, “Snowbeast”, “Love Boat”, and “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues”.


The legendary Vince Gironda once called the 6’6”-210 pound actor “the most physically impressive big man I have ever seen. What a natural body!”