Female Body Shapes

There are six basic “shape “categories that female bodies fall into:


Hourglass This shape is often referred to as the perfect shape.

  • Bust and hips are well balanced.
  • Small, defined waist.
  • Rounded shoulders that align with hips.
  • Upper body is proportionate in length to legs.

Inverted Triangle Known as the second best body shape (after the hourglass) the inverted triangle is often called the top-heavy V shape.

  • Large bust.
  • Broad shoulders.
  • Narrow hips.

Triangle – The triangle (or pear) shape, is when the lower body is larger than the top.

  • Narrow shoulders.
  • Heavy rear.
  • Heavy thighs.

Rectangle – Rectangle shapes are when chest and hip-lines are the same width.

  • No waist definition.
  • Arms and legs are proportionally slender.
  • Women with a rectangle shape have small to medium breasts and flat bottoms.

Oval – Oval (or apple) body shapes tend to have a full, undefined midsection. The stomach area is low. You might have “love handles.” The hips are wide and upper thighs thick.

  • Full face.
  • Short neck.
  • Large bust.
  • Narrow hips.
  • Slender legs.

Diamond – Diamond shapes have wide hips and full midsections.

  • Hips are broader than bust and shoulders.
  • Waist is the widest part of overall frame.
  • Thick upper legs.
  • Proportionate slender arms.